Risk Protection Arrangement


You have been re-directed to TopMark from the website of an Academy participating in the Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA).

If a Third Party or Third Party representative wishes to make a Public Liability (injury) or an Employer’s Liability (injury) claim, it should be submitted through the MOJ Claims Portal using the TopMark Claims Management Ltd ID – D00073. The compensator should be marked as ‘Department for Education – RPA only’.

Who are TopMark and what do they do?

TopMark Claims Management Ltd are a British company specialising in the management of claims and associated services and currently work for a number of UK Government Departments.

As of 1st September 2018 they have been appointed to administer the claims management function of the DfE Risk Protection Arrangement (RPA)

How quickly should I report a claim?

It is best to report a claim as soon as possible after discovery or intimation by a third party. This ensures that you are afforded the best protection and minimises potential claim costs. If you are in any doubt over reporting a claim/incident please contact:-

Email: rpa@topmarkcms.com
Tel: 0330 058 5566

Please click the following link for a detailed list of frequently asked questions regarding the RPA scheme, coverage and support services:-


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