Risk Protection Arrangement


Damage/Loss of Property – Damage to buildings, contents, computers and stock owned by or the responsibility of the academy in addition to business interruption following material damage.

Damage/Loss of Cultural Assets – Including paintings, antiques, memorabilia etc.

Employers Liability – A claim or incident arising from the death, injury or disease sustained by an employee during the course of their employment.

Third Party Liability – All sums the academy may become legally liable to pay in respect of accidental Third Party injury or Third Party Property damage.  Third Parties including students, visitors and other non employees.

Governors’ Liability/Professional Indemnity – Actual or alleged breach of professional duty.

Employee & Third Party Dishonesty – Direct pecuniary loss due to the dishonesty (including fraud, computer fraud, theft and other acts of dishonesty) of academy employees.

Money – Loss of money, which the academy is responsible for, whilst in transit or elsewhere.

Personal Accident – Compensation for accidental bodily injury to employees, governors, trustees, volunteers and pupils of the academy, whilst on the business of the academy in the UK.

Travel (UK or Overseas)– Compensation for travel related costs including loss of baggage, cancellation, curtailment rearrangement and change of itinerary and medical expenses*.
*Medical expenses for overseas travel only.

Legal Expenses – Reimbursement of legal expenses relating to employment disputes, contractual disputes, tax investigations, and civil actions in relation to school expulsions.


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